The Rose De Cherbourg, an opening onto the heart of La Défense

Born of Paris La Défense's wide scale urban regeneration program, the future Place De La Rose De Cherbourg, just a stone's throw from the Grande Arche and directly connected to the must-visit shopping destination Westfield Les 4 Temps, will take on a fresh new look. On the lower level, there will be a new urban square and the upper level, Rose De Cherbourg's former interchange, will be transformed into an overhead green pedestrian walkway designed with New York's High-Line in mind.

La Défense, the possibilities are endless!

Europe's biggest business district is constantly reinventing itself in a bid to enhance the experience of workers and residents alike: new gastro-eateries (Oxygen and Table Square) have joined the 70 existing bars and restaurants, sporting fixtures and concerts at the Paris La Défense Arena, strolls around the esplanade to take in the art installations, myriad events and cultural programs, festivals, etc. Today, La Défense is the site of an exceptional concentration of services and leisure opportunities.