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Rand Hindi

Data Scientist and Entrepreneur

Founding CEO of the start-up Snips, specializing in artificial intelligence. Rand began coding at the age of 10, founded a social media site at 15 and made his foray into Machine Learning at 18 years of age. When he was 21 he began studying for his Ph.D. in Bioinformatics. The MIT Technology Review named him as TR35 (under-35 innovator of the year). He was chosen by the French government to lead the initiative "The Impact of AI on Work and the Economy" as part of France's global artificial intelligence strategy. He lectures on artificial intelligence in the business course for the Master's Degree at Sciences Po University.

What is the definition of a "smart Hekla"?

The notion of smart buildings is developing extremely quickly and Rand's experience in the field will be key to deciding what that actually means in practice for Hekla. Thanks mainly to a virtual voice assistant, present throughout the building, coupled with the interoperability of all the connected objects which is upgradable to keep pace with future advances in technology. For users, the compatibility of Hekla with these technologies will represent colossal gains on a daily basis in terms of quality of work, productivity and simplicity.
Artificial intelligence will make Hekla especially "smart" and pertinent, able to adapt to the individual user's actual requirements: eating, finding their way around, working together, undertaking a sporting activity, getting some down time, etc. which explains the productive collaboration with the other Creatives.
With Grégory Dupont, he is using new technologies to take workers' overall physical activity into consideration in the putting together of personalized programs.

With Édouard Detrez, he is looking into making it easier for everyone to find their way around the tower, disabled and able-bodied persons, thanks to new technologies.