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Marion Flipo

Chef and Entrepreneur

Hailing from Lille and with a passion for gastronomy, the young Marion Flipo initially undertook a course of studies at the EDHEC Business School which led to her becoming a marketing products manager. Very quickly, however, her secret passion, cooking, got the better of her and she signed up for the Institut Paul Bocuse. Shortly after graduating, she worked as assistant to the international chef of a leading French company, before becoming savory sous-chef with the Ladurée Group. When she is not concocting amazing recipes, Marion writes (she has several culinary books to her name) and posts (her blog, a mixture of excellent addresses and restaurant reviews, is a reference). In 2015, she launched a new venture when she founded her culinary consultancy company aimed at professionals in the restaurant business and the food industry, artisans, foodie entrepreneurs and anyone else with a passion for food and cuisine.

What does "eating well" mean in a high-rise in La Défense?

That question was the starting point for considerable thinking which involved Marion addressing the notions of product quality, the variety of menu options/restaurant spaces on offer, the quality of the time spent eating, in addition to the theme of services associated with the action of having lunch.
Marion thereby defined an actual "healthy eating manifesto", and advocates offering food based on taste, health benefits, practicality, variety, surprise, conviviality and ethics. And she shares her thinking with other Creatives.
With Grégory Dupont, she is looking at the interaction between diet, wellbeing and physical activity.

With Ramy Fischler, she is co-designing the different staff restaurant spaces.