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Julia de Funès


Julia De Funès became a Doctor of Philosophy in 2017 and has a French post-graduate diploma in HR. Julia De Funès fronted the short daily program on France 5 "Le Bonheur Selon Julia" (Happiness According to Julia), produced by Frédéric Lopez.
Together, they wrote “The (In)human Comedy”, about the paralyzing lack of sense in our societies and businesses and in which they come up with concrete solutions.
Julia De Funès feels very strongly about the importance of teaching philosophy to counter preconceptions not only in the minds of the public at large, but also in the world of work and so in 2010 she created a philosophy consultancy, Prophil Conseil, which regularly provides advisory services to big corporations.

What is the heart and soul of Hekla?

Before the cornerstone was even set, Julia had already understood what the tower's values, unique attributes and strengths were.
This melting pot, this setting for cross-pollination, designed to facilitate interaction, intermingling, encounters, provides and produces considerable energy.
Its remarkable exterior belies an even more remarkable interior, with a dynamic environment where nature helps us recharge our batteries, where inspiration comes from the light and the air.
But Hekla's greatest strength lies elsewhere: in its ability to constantly reinvent itself to suit different tenants and their individual requirements.
By definition, its extraordinary personality defies all convention. Exacting standards ensure it will doubtless be one of the most remarkable buildings to be constructed in the early 21st century.