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Gregory Dupont

Physical trainer

Holder of a Ph.D. in Sports Science and an HDR (an accreditation to supervise research), Grégory has also played football to national level (Amiens SC, Tournai, FC Dieppe). He then became a coach. In 1999, he joined Lille OSC football team as physical trainer before becoming manager of the Sports Science Department at Celtic F. C. in Glasgow, then Manager of the Performance Department at Lille OSC. In 2017, he joined the French Football Federation as head of the Technical Advisory Management's Performance Unit. He won the 2018 World Cup as a member of that team. Since July 2019 he has been physical trainer for Real Madrid.

How can physical and mental wellbeing be achieved simultaneously?

In a classic work environment, there is often only one choice in terms of physical activity, and that is a gym.
Grégory offers a different approach, one which is global yet personalized and perfectly suited to the context of Hekla.
Using tried and tested methods which have proved their worth on top athletes, sporting activity adapts to everybody, any time, in countless spaces inside the building and outdoors, leading to improved physical wellbeing, which in turn promotes better overall performance by each worker. His role involves considerable interaction with the other members of the Creatives team.
With Édouard Detrez, he is looking into how exercise can be adapted for disabled persons.

With Marion Flipo, he is defining nutritional pointers with a view to adapting workers' diets according to their sporting objectives.

With Rand Hindi, he is using new technologies to take workers' overall physical activity into consideration with a view to fine-tuning personal sporting programs.

With Ramy Fischler, he is examining the principle of a digital fitness space with programs which adapt to the wishes of individuals.